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Reliable Partner for since 2019
SideShift has been a reliable partner for since 2019. Integrating the service into our app was simple, and the Sideshift team is responsive and supportive on the rare occasions... 

Dennis Jarvis

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One of the easiest and most seamless cooperation
Forging a strong partnership with SideShift was one of the easiest and most seamless cooperations we have had so far, thanks to their community-focused approach on the business side... 

Bach Nguyen

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Fast and Reliable Service
SideShift offers fast and reliable service, which means happy wallet users and fewer support requests! 

Vik Sharma
CEO @ Cake Wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What fees will my users pay when using a integration?

Your users will pay the same fees as if they used directly.

How much do I earn as an integration partner?

As an integration partner, you will receive 0.5% of all volume that passes through your integration.

How do I check my earnings?

Your integration is linked to your account ID. Any fees you earn from shifts will be visible in your account.

Which token are my earned fees accrued in?

Integration partner fees are accrued in SideShift Token (XAI). You can convert and withdraw earnings to any supported asset at any time by clicking “withdraw XAI” from your account.

Can I set up automatic withdrawals of my earnings?

Yes. can set a threshold for your earnings which when hit, would automatically withdraw funds to your address in any supported asset. To set this up reach out to us.

Do I need to backup my account to protect my earnings?

Yes. We advise all users to backup their Private Key. This can be restored at any time. To view your Private Key head to the Account page.

How will my users receive support from

Your users can contact us directly via [email protected]. For the fastest issue resolution, they should include their order number, a link to the transaction in a block explorer and any other relevant details. Full details can be found in this help article.

Integration partners with in-house support who prefer to be the main point of contact with their users can continue to do so. If this is preferred we create shared communication channels between our support teams. Reach out to us to set this up.

Is it safe for users to shift via my integration? aims to minimize third-party risk as much as possible. only holds control of your funds during the exchange process. In the unlikely event an exchange cannot be processed, will request a refund address and issue a refund.

How fast are integration shifts processed?

Shift speeds vary from coin to coin and are based on the number of confirmations required. is focused on decreasing shift times as much as possible. Integration exchange speeds are exactly the same as those experienced by users shifting directly with

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